Recruiting Momentum's Eight Steps to Success


Evaluation of Athletic potential

At what level are you able to compete? In order to set a realistic plan for each athlete, we will establish athletic potential. One of the most important things you need to determine is what level of play fits your athletic and academic ability. During an early meeting, your Momentum Coach will collaborate with you, your parents, and your coaches to establish what level of play and college that meets your athletic and academic potential.


Creating a personalized athletic plan

Each athlete will be assigned a personal Momentum Coach to meet with. Your Momentum Coach will work with you to develop a customized, personal athletic plan to establish a successful strategy to get recruited. Everyone has their own plan, because no two athletes are alike. Most students don’t have a plan to get recruited; your Momentum Coach is here to design a plan that is specific to you and your potential.


Create a list of potential colleges

Based on communication and evaluation we will put together a list of potential colleges that fits your athletic and academic needs. This list has the potential to change due to the work that you put in. As you move through the process your Momentum Coach will help you adjust your list accordingly.


Communication with College Coaches

College coaches have unique schedules and are not always available to talk when most students are available. Our Momentum Coaches will assist athletes in communicating with potential college coaches and establishing a stream of communication. Your Coach will help you determine the best ways and times to communicate with college athletic programs.


Create athletic profile

Your Momentum Coach will help to develop your athletic profile which will contain all information that college coaches need to recruit you. While most coaches require that you complete their questionnaires, you will have a profile that you will use at specific times during the recruiting process. Your profile will feature your athletics, academics, and leadership as well as any key separators.


Promote Skills Video

Recruiting Momentum uses your video clips to promote you to all appropriate college coaches. Student athletes and Momentum coaches will have access and the ability to share video throughout the process, as well as update and change information as needed.


Target Specific Camps

Camps can be expensive and difficult to determine which are the best for each athlete and sport. Our Recruiting Momentum coaches will give recommendations in order to narrow down the camp selection process. By communicating with coaches of potential universities your Momentum Coach will help you make personal strategic decisions on which camps to attend.


Establish NCAA and NAIA Eligibility

Recruiting Momentum will help you establish your eligibility and academic needs, as well as determine the timeline for registering for the eligibility center. The NCAA and NAIA have an incredible amount of rules and your Momentum Coach will assist you to navigate the rules. College coaches are bound by rules that surround recruiting and are not always able to communicate by returning calls, texts, and emails. Your Momentum Coach will help you maneuver through the rules to insure that there are no infractions.